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Accredited tests

Bluetongue virus (BTV, detection by RT-PCR)
Bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV, detection by RT-PCR)
Schmallenberg virus (SBV, detection by RT-PCR)
Scrapie resistance sheep (codons 136, 154, 171)
Scrapie resistance sheep (codons 136, 141, 154, 171)
Spider lamb syndrome, sheep (SLS) - Suffolk & Hampshire
Microphthalmia, sheep (MO) - Texel
Scrapie resistance, goat (codons 146, 154)
Microsatellite analysis, sheep
Microsatellite analysis, cattle
Microsatellite analysis, horse
Microsatellite analysis, goat
Microsatellite analysis, alpaca
Freemartin test
Paternity test
Polledness, cattle
Wagyu hereditary defect Band 3
Wagyu hereditary defect Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS)
Wagyu hereditary defect Factor 11 (F11)
Wagyu hereditary defect Claudin 16 (CL16)
Wagyu beef quality marker, polymorphism stearoyl-CA-desaturase (SCD)
Wagyu beef quality marker(s), polymorphism bovine growth hormone (BGH)
Wagyu beef quality marker(s), polymorphism calpain (CAPN)
Wagyu beef quality marker, polymorphism calpastatin (CAST)
A1/A2 genotyping (beta-casein, variants A1/A2, A3, B, I), cattle
Genotyping of kappa-casein (variants A/B, E), cattle
Hereditary defects Fleckvieh/Simmental (FH2, FH5)

Tests, not accredited

Hereditary defects Fleckvieh/Simmental (TP, BH2, FH4, BMS, DW)
Detection Pasteurella multocida multocida, toxin gene bearing
Microsatellite analysis, pig
Analysis coat color, horse
Analysis pinto, Overo, horse
Analysis pinto, Tobiano, horse
Analysis HYPP, horse
Analysis SCID, horse
Analysis BLAD, cattle
Arachnomelia syndrome, cattle
Sexing, raptorial bird
DNA extraction with storage
DNA extraction without storage

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